Interviews - Then and Now. Also, Large Spiders.

I remember back when I was first job searching. I was nervous, had little experience, and would take almost any job. I also remember the interviews - usually with one or two people. Those were nerve-wracking.

I am once again job searching, and have had some interviews. They are still nerve wracking, but I have more experience, more confidence, now. Doesn't make things much easier. Also, is it a new trend to have dozens of people in an interview? And why do all your brain cells shut off when you are asked a question? Except for maybe those five brain cells that didn't have enough good sense to go run and hid with the other brain cells, so they just stare at each other like a deer in the headlights, and any time they are required to form an answer, it ends up sounding like something you put together in kindergarten.


However, I have bigger problems now.

There is a spider in my house.

I may have to kill it by myself.

However, I do have a plan. First, I'm going to spray …

Trello - My New Helper!

There isn't much to report on my job search - we are going three weeks without a job. So, I'm going to talk about something that has helped me order my days (even before I got laid off), helped me organize my job search, and in general is a surprising help keeping me sane! 
When I upgraded my computer several months back, Microsoft OneNote upgraded as well. This is where I kept all my notes and such, and where my schedule and goals were as well. However, I didn’t like the upgrade, so I stopped using it soon after. A long and arduous journey for the perfect planner commenced. I looked at them all, people. Digital…..paper….I even created one of my own, but didn’t end up using it because it still had a couple features I didn’t like. Eventually, I just transferred everything to word documents, and called it good. Then Trello came along. Ironically, I had known about Trello for some time, but when I saw everyone else use it, they were getting very, very detailed with it, and…

The Job Search Continues

Two weeks searching for a job, and I continue to be at square one.
It is mildly discouraging.
I try to make the most of my days, but there are times that I just want to curl into a ball and cry. However, that tends not to be very productive, so after a much smaller pity party than I demand, I must brush myself off and keep swimming.
That was why I didn't post anything last week - I wanted to be encouraging, and while I have some posts I have pre-written, they sound hollow, because my life is different now.
Right now, everything is in a flux, I don't know what each day will bring, I'm paying more attention to my phone waiting for calls than I have in the past couple of years, and I simply don't know what to do.
Oddly enough, I still look forward to weekends. Then, I am surrounded by my family, and there isn't any pressure to find a job. It's easier to smile and take my mind off my current situation.
So, that is my life right now. Trying to enjoy my extra time. S…

On Death

I was thinking to myself yesterday, this has not been the easiest year. Not for us, not for our church, and not for our community.

Several in our community have experienced death. Our church has buried five people (I think!) in the past several months.

In our own family, we have buried a father, buried a cat, experienced major surgery with complications, mourned with our church and community, and experienced job loss. And this doesn't even count the parents we buried in the past couple of years as well.

This past Saturday, we went to another funeral. She was a sweet lady that attended our church. She will be missed.

Now, here is the thing - we have recently been to many funerals. Some had a lot of people, some had no family at all. Some were well liked, some were attended simply to support the family, not really for any grief felt for the passing. It has been a wide spectrum, and each passing makes you pause a bit (at least for me), and think of how you want your own funeral to be…


This has been, shall we say, an interesting week.
Monday, my position was "eliminated" at the company I worked at for over a decade, and I was laid off.
Telling my family that I no longer have a job has not been one of my happier memories, to be sure. Thankfully, school fees are paid for, so I was spared that conversation with school officials.
Monday, honestly, I was a wreck. My brain wasn't working at all, but I needed to do something, so I cleaned all I could, which only bought me half a day. I ate some chocolate. And I read for the rest of the day. I have been telling people that Monday was the day that I licked my wounds.
Tuesday some phone calls were made. I sent out a resume. Didn't shed a single tear, although my anxiety kicked up a notch or 10. Some times my mind says I'm OK, but my body is like, Nope, not yet.
Wednesday, I woke up with a monster headache, and while I did a few things, I did honestly spend most of the day on the couch. I guess if now is …

Recent Happenings

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted an update.
I think I just need to come to terms with the fact that I am in no way going to post regularly for the rest of the year.
Things have been busy!
For starters, my garden is exploding. First, we had a ton of cucumbers. I think we are about at the end of those, but then the zucchini is exploding! I’m trying to use it up just as quick as I can, and literally every evening I am baking something. Also, we had a plethora of peaches, so for one night I was busy cutting those up, and have made two batches of peach ice cream (and two batches of chocolate ice cream while I was at it!). Every night, it appears my kitchen has exploded. I put it back together again. Then repeat.
We celebrated our 17 year anniversary. We haven’t really done anything to celebrate yet, that will come this weekend. We were going to do something this past weekend, but we went to yet another funeral instead.
We are weary from death, that is for sure. 8 deaths…

It's Been Awhile

Yes, it has been a while since I posted in these parts.

Things have been busy. We drove half way across the county and back for a funeral.
School started.
Life keeps going.
I've had a hard time catching my breath.

But I've been enjoying life as well.
Making gratitude a priority. Counting my blessings, and laughing with the kids.
Cooking and enjoying dinner, and feeling satisfaction in putting in a good hard days work.
Enjoying morning air, evening sunshine, and air conditioning (because its August, and its still hot and humid!).

School has started, so here is hoping that things settle into a new routine. Hopefully, one that doesn't involve more death. Here's hoping I can slow down a little bit, catch my breath and cultivate peace.

Life is not easy. Life is not perfect.
Life is good.