When Death Invades Life

Despite the title, I'm actually doing quite well. I finally have a bit more joy and peace in my soul than I have had in a while. I've been decluttering the house, working on projects, reading a lot of good books, and I have several things to look forward to at the moment.
   Life is good.
   So, why the odd title?
   I was reading in Job the other night, and this verse really stuck out to me.
   For those who may not know, Job is a book in the Bible about a man named - you guessed it - Job. He goes through all of these trials, has to deal with horrible friends, the death of all he loves, the loss of his fortune - and yet he still stays faithful to God.
   Honestly, I have read the book before, several times. This time, I was reading this verse in the Message translation - and the phrase jumped out of me. When I read it, it was like an "ah-ha" moment - this is it! This is exactly what I was feeling last year! This is it!
   If you have followed very long on this bl…

Why I Keep This Blog...

I'm a bit short on words this evening, so I'll share something I wrote, but just haven't posted yet. Actually seems rather appropriate for this evening, as words are failing me - ha! Anyways, enjoy!

Every so often I think about this blog, and wonder why I still keep it up. It is one more thing on my to do list, and I really don’t give it the attention that it deserves. It looks nothing like the blogs that I admire, and I’m pretty sure it never will, because let’s be honest – blog design is not my thing. Give me a template where all I have to do is type, and I can change the background every once in a while, and I’m good to go.
As far as regularity goes…it’s pretty much non-existent. I mean to post several times a week, and lately all I find myself doing is updating the world on my weekends. And while my weekends are interesting to me, I highly doubt anyone else really cares that much about them. Which may also explain why my readership is so underwhelmingly small.
So, wh…

River Walks and Warm Weather

Spring is getting closer and closer...
   This weekend the weather was absolutely beautiful! A bit breezy, which is normal for our neck of the woods. And when I say breezy, I mean 40mph sustained wind gusts.
   So. Normal.
   Seeking to take advantage of this spring teaser, we walked on a trail that hugs a local river. The kids love this place, because they look for shells or fossils of shells, and in the warmer months, they wade a bit in the water. It wasn't quite warm enough for that, but still, the shells were there, and my son found his coveted fossil. So, life was good.
   Sunday, my daughter achieved her archery honor. She was so happy! It took a lot of practice and hard work, but she did it! And on a particularly hard day, too, as they were shooting outside, and while they were mostly protected from the wind, was still windy. But she got it!
   My phone informed me that it intends on dying, soon. It now shuts off when the battery is 70%, sometimes even more cha…

Veterans At The Store

This past Sunday, I took my daughter to a local big box store for some yarn. As I was standing there in the yarn aisle, awaiting her to make her decision, I over heard three men talking. Well, one was doing most of the talking, the other two were listening.

I just now realized how odd it was that three men were standing in the yarn aisle. I wonder why they were there? I didn't want to be super nosy, so I kept my eyes on my daughter, and just listened. Not sure if any of them had any yarn related items in their hands or not!

Two men were older, I guess 50 or so, maybe a bit older? And one man was there with his son. They were talking about this and that, nothing really to catch the ear. From what I gathered at first, they hadn't seen each other in a while, as the one man exclaimed how tall and old the son was. Typical meet and greet stuff.

I'm not sure when, but the father must have mentioned that his son had just come back from overseas in the military. At this, the other …

My Other Grandma's Kitchen

Last time when I blogged about Grandma's kitchen, I was remiss in only mentioning one Grandma - I had two very good ones! The one I mentioned before was my Grandma on my mothers side, whom I saw on a very regular basis. My parents divorced when I was young, and I was raised by mom, so of course I saw my moms side of the family much more often. When I was young, I only saw my other Grandma once in a great while. She was a sweet women, and I enjoyed the visits, although I was a bit more shy around her than my other Grandma. However, when I was 16 or 17, this other Grandma had some health concerns, and I ended up spending my summer with her - not really a care taker, but someone there just in case an emergency happened.
   That summer, I got to know my other Grandma very well. And her kitchen was pretty amazing, too. :-)
   First, let me just say that my Grandmothers couldn't have been more different. My Grandma on my moms side was a hoarder, disorganized, and her home was rat…

Medicaid - It Is Finished!

Sort of.
I am very thankful to report that my moms husband is now on Medicaid. Old medical bills from this past year will finally be paid! He will also now qualify for much needed mental health services, as well as an eye surgery to hopefully save the sight in one of his eyes.

The paperwork they sent was confusing - and I'm not sure what happens from here on out. Do they review it each year? While I'm now getting letters, I'll always be paranoid that they will "send" something that will never arrive. How does this whole Medicaid thing work? I guess I'll learn.

However, I believe the hard part has passed. We got him approved. It was a  year long fight. I think it is the longest fight I have ever had to deal with - and I've dealt with some long ones. I'm thankful that I no longer have to watch this process like a hawk, that I get my lunch breaks back, and that things are finally moving forward. I don't have to call people every day and keep meticulo…

Grandma's Kitchen

Have you ever heard of 1000 Awesome Things? This dude started this blog several years back, and he counts down awesome things from 1000 all the way to one. I think this is the second time he has done this, and I always enjoy reading the posts. You should look him up if you've never heard of him! Just google 1000 Awesome Things, and you can take it from there.

So, tonight his blog was something about how awesome food from our childhood was, which actually got me thinking of Grandma's kitchen! Which is a bit ironic...because I don't remember Grandma ever really cooking. And her kitchen was small, and always cluttered. BUT, it was still a fun place, because you never knew what you could find. I was a picky eater back then, so I only had a small list of treasures I would look for. Here are some of them...

Boxes of Jell-O Pudding. Preferably chocolate. If I found a box, Grandma would let me make some pudding! You were supposed to let it sit in the fridge for a bit before eating…