Just Chilling

This past week has been great! Our 4th of July spent at a friends house was really fun! The kids got to light off fireworks, and we saw some really good shows! We had a really good time!

This past weekend at church, I got to photograph a baby dedication, which is always fun! It was also a couples 60th wedding anniversary, so I took a couple photos there as well. 60 years! That is a very long time!

Sunday night, we spent the evening with some other friends. It is very odd for us to have two social engagements in the same month, let alone the same week! However, we had a great time! So far, even though the days are hot, I find that if there is shade, the temps are fine and the evenings are lovely.

So, last night, someone asked when the kids start school. I know when my son starts school, but not my daughter because it is a different school. So today, I had to look up dates, and now I actually have to transfer them to the main calendar! School is very close! This is the last month of sum…

July 4th Celebrations

Technically, I should blog later in the week, so I could tell you all about our celebrations, but I also haven't written in here like usual. Also, next week will be rather sporadic as well, but good stories are coming, to be sure - stay tuned!
   First off, Happy July 4th! Living near a military base as we do, we see a bit more first hand how families sacrifice for our freedoms. We get to know those left behind while the spouses are in deployment. I'm always reminded that its not only those in the army that sacrifice, but their kids sacrifice as well. Being in the military is a strain on the families, and we should remember to help them any way we can - and pray for them as well.
   And now, time to talk about blowing stuff up!! Oh yeah!
   So, we actually don't blow a lot of stuff up :-) I like my money, and I always struggle spending a ton of money on fireworks, so we don't! We buy a few small ones and call it good. Our small town has a total of 7 (I think?) firew…

52 Lists Book

Today, I have decided to post a bit of a review for you! Enjoy!

A while ago I got this really cool book called 52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal.
It is a very cool book, and I recommend it.
Obviously, inside are 52 lists for you to complete, in theory, one for each week of the year, although I tend to finish a list in a couple days. At the beginning of the list you are given a simple question, and at the end, you are challenged to do something with your newfound insight. And while sometimes it seems the lists are a bit repetitive, it’s probably just because as you complete them, you find some of your own personal themes emerging.
It’s a great book if you are trying to journal, but don’t always know what to write down. I personally bought it because I LOVE lists (much to my family’s chagrin at times…), and of course everyone wants more happiness, so what could be better than 52 lists to increase your happiness, right? However, in all reality, this book will only increase your happin…


Summer is rushing along at a steady pace. Today I was talking with my oldest about high school and choosing some electives, and my other child firmly told us that it was WAY too early to be talking about school. So I teased him and told him he only had a month of summer left (he actually has a little more - but not much!)
   Our weekend was nice and uneventful, and I like those kinds of weekends. This week, I'll be putting the final touches on a family vacation, and I'm also planning a road trip through a part of our state that has a couple cool things but is rather far. Also, this is cleaning week, and sometime soon I imagine I'll be purchasing some fireworks for July 4th! All good things to look forward to.
   This week, I'm hoping to have some time to share some older posts I've written, but just haven't had the time to actually post. Life can get crazy. Blog posts don't happen as planned. So be it. :-)
   Take care, and I hope to send more words your…

A Belated Happy Fathers Day Post

I have been very behind this week – actually, seems like I have been behind for a while! Oh well. I’ll catch up. One day.
    We had a good Fathers Day weekend – no pics to share, but it was a good day. We went to a local water park and had fun for a bit. After that, we took my awesome hubby out for some ice cream (a bit of a treat since the local DQ closed several years back!).
    In all honesty, we are so blessed to have this amazing man in our lives. He is a great father to our kids, he is a great husband to me, a hard work, and a contributor to his church. He helps out when he can, he’s amazingly smart, and I swear he can fix anything! I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life!

However, moving on….below are the pics I promised a while back. These were taken at the National Homestead Monument. A rather cool place, and I’m glad we took the side trip and stopped for a while. Enjoy the pics!

Monument Rocks

A picture post! Some pictures of Monument Rocks we visited on our way home from our nephews graduation. These are pretty cool! Enjoy!

An Overdue Update

I had intentions to write something on this little space of mine last week, I really did. Obviously, that didn’t happen. It’s been busy, but with good stuff.

We’ve been out of state to attend my nephews high school graduation, which of course meant spending time with family and enjoying everyone that we don’t get to see that often.

We’ve been out of state to attend campmeeting, which is basically a church gathering of area churches, which is always relaxing and rejuvenating.

We’ve been to these really cool rocks called Monument rocks, that are out in the middle of nowhere, and look really cool.

We’ve been to a Homestead National Monument, some place we have passed by for years and years and finally decided to stop and see.