Summer Weekend

This past weekend, we fully enjoyed all that summer had to offer.
   There was home made ice cream (granted, it wasn’t good, but hey, we are still experimenting with this new machine, so some recipes would no doubt be losers). There was a drive in movie. There was swimming. There was sunlight and warmth!    There was even a summer thunderstorm.    Life was good.    Ok, life is still good, even though it’s now Wednesday. J    Friday was our first official outdoor swim of the summer, and it felt wonderful. The kids recently acquired some new goggles (my son’s even came with a snorkel), and they were dying to test them out. The water was nice, the pool uncrowded, and it was even overcast for a bit, so we didn’t have to worry too much about sunburn (hey, I’m pretty pale, I think about these things constantly, OK?)    Saturday night we went to the drive in for the first time this summer. In truth, we only go once, maybe twice a year. An old fashioned drive in is rare these days, so…

Of Broken Arms and Lavendar

Wednesday was quite the busy, and exciting, day!
   I took the entire day off work - there were a couple appointments, and I thought, to heck with it! It's summer! Let's have an adventure! So, in between our appointments and errands, I schedule a tour of a local lavender farm.
   The lavender farm was fun - pics are below. The farm was smaller than I thought it would be. We were shown various types of lavender, how it is harvested, what to look for in "ready" lavender, how it is processed, and how different kinds smell! There were two main kinds at this farm - one kind is better used for body products, and the other kind is better used for cooking and such. The kids weren't too excited to go on the tour at first, but once we arrived and our guide started talking and showing us everything, their interest grew!
   We were shown where they dry the lavender, the different products made, and how literally every part of the lavender is used - nothing is wasted!

Blog Shout Out - This Little Miggy

I've got some stuff brewing in the brains, and potential good news to write about later, so for this evening, I'll post another blog shout out. That I almost deleted, and then I thought I had already posted. Apparently, I can barely handle a shout out tonight! So that is what you all get. :-)
   This Little Miggy is a blog I visit on a fairly regular basis (or, rather, her posts are delivered to my mailbox on a regular basis - makes it much easier for me to keep up!). This is another mom blog with pretty pictures - but that's not all! The main reason I like this blog so much is the focus on special needs kids. Miggy herself has a little one with special needs, and every Friday she does a special needs spotlight. She interviews either parents with special needs children or special needs adults themselves. It is a fantastic way to learn about various challenges that some people face, and all that is involved. And while each family is different, I think its cool to get an …

The Book

Oh, look…a death related blog post…how odd and unusual… :-P I’ve mentioned before that I’ve kept some of the books I found at mom’s house. I’m gradually making my way through them – I have so much going on that I can’t read as much as I would love (which, just for the record, would be 24/7). But I read some every day, so that works. One of the books I’m working on now is a little yellow devotional book entitled Days of Healing, Days of Joy. It's kind of like a devotional book, where you can read a page a day or something like that.  It’s a nice little book, and I like it – I read a page here or there throughout the day. From what I’m gathering, it’s a book published by Children of Alcoholics Anonymous, or something to that effect. Someone gave this book to my mother. I know this, because he wrote a note in the front of the book. His name was Ray. The name rings no bells with me, and I have no idea who this man could have been. The book appears to have been published about 198…

Let The Summer Begin!

I do believe summer has officially begun.
   I’ve acquired numerous mosquito bites in a very short amount of time. Also, a gnat bite that has swollen my elbow. Ah, summer…    The kids are on their summer schedule now. I’ve changed it a bit this year. I’ve also provided them the extra chore list they can get paid to do, if they want. We’ll see how it all goes.    We have yet to visit the water park, or go to a drive in movie. It shall all happen, though, trust me….    Since this year we aren’t planning on taking a family vacation, I have some smaller adventures planned. The first will hopefully happen next week, if everything works out right. Actually, next week could be a pretty good week, Wednesday in particular! My daughter see’s her bone dr, and if all goes well, she won’t have to wear her brace anymore! That would be very good news indeed!    Who knows, we may have to celebrate by going to a water park or something. J    Other signs of summer….we’ve had to turn on our air c…

Scrapbooking Australia

I really, really like scrapbooking.
                Just putting that out there, in case anyone missed it.                 I also like scrapbooking supplies. Papers and stickers are my jam, but I also like buying the albums as well.                 I also like Australia. Never been there, but one day, I plan on going. I’m going to bring my husband along with me, and we are going to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. I can’t wait.                 Do we have a date planned? Nope. Passports? Nope. Itinerary? Nope. I’m not even entirely sure how much this trip will cost, but I do know it will be worth every single penny. Even if the entire trip goes on credit cards, those cards will be paid off quickly, and I won’t regret a single moment or decision.                 So…what does this have to do with scrapbooking?                 Well, obviously, I’m going to take 1000 pictures of Australia when I go, so obviously, there will be some scrapbooking involved after we get …

A Long Break

First off, a heartfelt thank you to those who have served or are serving our country. This includes not only the men and women in uniform, but their families as well - especially the little ones. I go to a church where often military families join, and then in the course of their stay, the spouse has to leave, and the kids have to spend some time without their parent. In my opinion, they are just as brave and worthy of honor as the parent. Also - a thank you to the furry friends who serve as well. I've never given any thought to the animals that serve, which surprises me, since I'm such an animal lover. But animals do serve, and they are deserving of respect as well.
   With all that being said...I'm also thankful for the long weekend. Having a weekend where we not only had nothing that needed to be done, and nowhere we needed to be, but that was also a day longer, was just what the dr ordered. I felt like I could finally breathe a bit. It's been nice.