One Week Later

Just a little over one week later. In that time, a holiday has come and gone. While I have so very much to be thankful for, it was sad, too. Dad would have enjoyed the chicken. He liked my recipe. Thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday, but this year, it was just another day.
   In this span of a week, we have cleaned out his apartment, and taken care of most details. The memorial will be this Sunday. What took us over a month, possibly two months with my mom, has only taken a week with my dad. I am thankful for this.
   This week, its back to work. Being gone for a week, my desk was pretty full, and I even went in some tonight to continue to try to get caught up. I still have a few more errands to run over lunch breaks, and I had a couple phone calls to make today in regards to dad. Life keeps marching on, and I'm doing my best to keep up.
   I'm tired.

November 17, 2017

For many months now, I had tried, and I think even did a really good job, of not making this a death blog. More and more of my posts were about normal life, and not necessarily about dealing with the after effects of death. Besides, it has been about nine months, I think, since mom died.
   My father passed away November 17th. Friday night.
   We went to pick him up for church Saturday morning. He usually waits for us. There have been times in the past when he wasn't waiting for us, and there was always a good reason - he forgot the time, he didn't see the car, etc.... This past Saturday morning, he wasn't waiting for us. Since coming back from his vacation, he has struggled a bit getting into the normal routine, so we thought perhaps he lost track of time again. I tried calling, and the call wasn't going through - again, not entirely unusual for various reasons. Jeff went upstairs to fetch dad, and found him passed away.
   Thus, the process begins again.

Birthday Week!

The Flatlands are being bi-polar, in all of their glory. We have had several very cold days, and nights that have frozen all my plants. Yet today the high reached 75. And its supposed to yo-yo back down to cold again in a day or so. This weather, dude......
This week will be a stretch for me, as it is every year. Halloween, cleaning, and birthdays this weekend. I love all the memories we'll be making this weekend, but's gonna be busy. Oh, and I work full time, so there's that, too. 
I'm sitting here listening to the wild wind outside...the stomach tying in knots at all I have to do this week...yet so happy about all the memories that will be made. I'll have two teens in the house by Saturday morning. Two of them! Crazy! 
So far, my one teen hasn't been too bad...In general, both my kids are actually good kids. I say that, even though today I had to get pretty firm with one of them for their attitude, even threatening the coveted electronics they spen…

Pumpkin Patch and Medicaid

Life has been busy, which I suppose is good, because that means it can't be boring, right?
We'll go with that train of thought for a bit.

I've had to deal with Medicaid a bit more than I have wanted to this week. Going back and forth getting paperwork, and faxing said paperwork. There isn't a way to email this stuff, and I'm pretty sure they are banned against communicating via email. So faxing and phone calls it is. And time off work, and frustration, wondering when will this process end.

I take care of two different people. It can be a bit much, some days. And that is taking into consideration that my husband helps immensely. I couldn't do it without him.

Here's hoping that after this week, we may get some good news on the Medicaid front. One can hope.

My father is coming back from vacation on Thursday. He is currently on the train. I talked with him tonight, and he sounded so happy! He was so glad to see his family, and go visit different places. While h…

Fall Round Up!

The past couple days have been crazy! We have sent my dad on vacation, and commenced cleaning his apartment. We had to get my daughter checked for a broken ankle (it wasn't broken!), and she had a dentist appointment as well. I'm attempting to prepare for a trip, all the while praying that dad makes it safe to his destination as well. Crazy!

My day isn't done yet, but I did want to take a break and post pics from our weekend. Our church does an annual get together called the Fall Round Up, and every year it is loads of fun! This year was no different. There were hayrack rides, roasted hot dogs, and people making us laugh the entire time. Here are some pics - enjoy!

Trust me, as soon as this week is past and things settle down and return somewhat to normal, I'll have a ton to write about.

Assuming I survive the cleaning of the apartment. That is a whole blog saga in and of itself.

Take care!

A Picture Post!

I have a ton of pics to share, so words on this post will be few. Just wanted to pop in, say Hi, and hope you are enjoying your weekend! Amazingly, this Sunday has been pretty relaxed for me. Hubby took the kids to youth group, which let me have time to get chores done. I even cleaned out my closet, and got more scrapbooking done! I have a weekend trip coming up, so I appreciate the extra time to get more stuff done. Yay!

Anyways, here are some pics from the past couple of weeks! I like other peoples pictures posts - I hope you enjoy mine!

Well, that's it for now. I have more pics to post, but I'll save those for another day. Enjoy your week! Remember to play in the rain!

Busy but Blessed!

This weekend was nice!
   For starters, my daughter gave the sermon in church.
   Now, just to clarify, she isn't an evangelist in the making. She had to do it for Bible class in school, and she used a power point. But I'm still amazingly proud of her. She got up in front of people and talked for 40 minutes!
   Just to put that into perspective, I had to make a couple phone calls this week to strangers, and I literally had heart palpitations. Me and talking in front of any other human doesn't go well at all.
   So. Very, VERY proud of my girl.
   She was nervous, and she isn't too keen on repeating the experience, but she did well, and several people have told her so. It was a good sermon, and many were blessed, so mission accomplished! :-)
   The kid's grandma was down for the weekend (Hubby's mom). So she got to see her grand-daughter preach. Not only that, but she stayed into Sunday as well, came with me to a morning gathering, and then got to see the kid…